The foggy dude approach to healing

Here’s a few basic things to keep in mind as you work towards healing.

1. Use whatever works.

2. Fail quickly, fail often.

3. OBJECTIVELY track your results, and put them ‘on paper’.

4. The healing from using multiple complementary modalities simultaneously will be greater than any one by itself.

5. Give no more than 3 months to one modality if it doesn’t seem to be of benefit (measured OBJECTIVELY), no matter what you do.

In addition, as I continue writing this blog, I will post information regarding healing and different approaches to it, on the basis of these assumptions about YOU.

1. You are on your own, or you don’t have someone to help you with this stuff.

2. You don’t have the financial resources to go to special treatment clinics or personalized therapy programs.

3. You have precious little physical and mental reserves, which are already being taxed by the reading and research that I am directing you to.

4. You think for yourself. You don’t take anything anyone says (including everything I write here) at face value.

5. You are open to trying ANYTHING. You weigh the risk/reward ratio.You are willing to try ANYTHING as long as the cost as opposed to possible reward is very little.

Foggy dude


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