A few basic assumptions before we get started fixing ourselves

Even before you can start, here’s a few assumtions I make about our bodies and the nature of healing.

If I am mistaken about any of these, then anything that I assert on the basis of the mistaken assumptions would automatically fail, as it would be based on a flawed premise

1. Our bodies are capable of healing completely.

2. If something has worked for more than a few others, it’s worth giving it a shot, no matter how weird, contrarian or unconventional it may be.

3. All tissue of our body is capable of regeneration, provided we are able to create the optimal conditions for it.

4. If something has worked for more than a few others, but NOT for you, it would be worth spending some time trying to find out what is preventing you from achieving similar results. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

I am always very surprised by people complaining about a certain book or modality or posting negative reviews because it didn’t work for THEM. I have always found myself compulsively trying to figure out WHY something didn’t work when it doesn’t ‘work as advertised’ for me. I normally don’t harp on about the importance of attitude but I believe in this case it is justified. Having a positive attitude atleast in this regard is essential. Don’t have just hope, however. What I am suggesting is more like tenacity and drive to find the solution.

5. As you bring the major systems back into balance, the body will soon take over and the changes will trickle down to all the cells and systems of the body.

There it is, we’re on our way! Hold on to your hats! A couple more posts containing background information and we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of fixing ourselves.

Foggy dude


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